Photographs are nice when you see them on social media but it is something completely different when you print them out. I printed out the best pictures of my expedition EU Peaks and made an exhibition. Much better feeling than just checking them on Facebook. It was nice to talk about my pictures with so many guests and I got also directly some orders too. Do you also want my picture as prints? 

You can purchase them either on my exhibitions (one currently hapening in Stockholm) or you can easily contact me to my email I treat each order personally to make sure I deliver a perfect print for your needs. My specialty is large scale prints. Most of my pictures are large panoramas made even up to 45 pictures. That creates the amazing opportunity to print them on large scale without loosing any detail! The size is for me no limit.

You can choose from hundreds of images on my websitemy blog, my gallery on 500px or on my Instagram. Do you have any special wish? Besides that I have also a large database in my computer.  I make also prints based on cusstomer’s needs.

My pictures are perfect as a decoration for your home, office, restaurant, hotel or can serve as a commercial not only  at trade fairs. Below you can find my top 10 pictures and most successful pictures on social media to make your choice easier.

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