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My name is Jarda Zaoral. I originally come from the Czech Republic but I have lived in Sweden for last 11 years. I work as photographer, guide and writer and this blog is my biggest hobby. I hope it helps you to plan your trips to the mountains and Scandinavia!  

My biggest support in life is my fiancée Joanne who doesn’t only help me mentally when it’s too much work for me but also helps me taking care of my blog. Her English is perfect and since she also works as a writer, she helps me by editing my blog. 

Jarda Zaoral
Joanne Bakker

About The Best Viewpoints

I started the blog The Best Viewpoints when I set out for expedition European Peaks. My goal was to climb the highest peak of every European country.

I enjoyed hiking, climbing and blogging so much that I decided to continue even after my expedition. I continue writing about hiking and mountains around the world and on top of that I am starting a big section about outdoor life and adventures in Sweden and Scandinavia.

Follow my blogging journey and get freshest outdoor and adventure tips!

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