Fully experience the coldest season of the year

Welcome to my project "Experience winter"

Ever since I was a child, I have loved winter sports and all the activities that one can do in subzero temperatures. When I was three, my parents taught me to ski and skate, and since then I have been enjoying every winter season.

My love for winter deepened even more after I moved north to Sweden. I discovered that the north of Europe offers an incredible amount of winter activities and sports. I counted 40 of them and I started testing and exploring them immediately 🙂

I have tried everything from different types of skiing including participating in Vasaloppet to tenting on snow or watching the northern lights. I can’t keep such amazing experiences just for myself. I decided to write a book about all the winter adventures to show that winter is actually the best of all seasons! Let’s take a closer look at the project!

Snowshoe hiking in Jämtland mountains

Why project "Experience winter"?

Since the time of the covid pandemic, a healthy lifestyle has become an important part of our lives, and we can also see the trend when we are in nature. There are more mountaineers, runners and cyclists during summer months and more cross country skiers and skaters in winter. My future book is written for all these active people.

But not only for them! My goal is to show not only the classic winter activities that everyone knows, but also the non-traditional ones. Winter offers so many options and everyone can choose one regardless of their fitness levels.

Nowadays, I often hear from my family, friends and on social media sentences like: “When will this terrible winter finally end? The winter should be cancelled.” etc. I don’t understand them! The goal of my book is to change people’s opinion about winter. I want to show everyone how much fun and how many adventures one can have during the coldest season of the year. Follow my journey! 

List of all winter activities

Take a look at the winter activities in more detail in the article below.

When you think of “winter activities”, you will for sure think of ice skating, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing or ice hockey. But can you think of others? Click on the post below to see the 40 winter activities included in this project. You can also take a look at two finished articles of my favourite winter activites.

Take a look at example images of the project