My Story

My name is Jarda Zaoral. I am 29 years old and I worked as a business consultant. I could have a convenient business career. The problem is that I fell for traveling and photography.

After I moved from the Czech Republic to Sweden for studies in 2012, the world became much smaller because I met there people all around the world. I became curious about my friends’ countries and started to travel. It became soon a passion. Until now I have already visited over 60 countries.

View over Ala Kul lake – Kyrgyzstan

My latest project is called European Peaks during which I explored all the European countries and I climbed the highest mountain of all European countries. I believe that such an expedition will help me to show all European citizens the beauty of our continent as well as show that the EU is a great project.

The project also changed my life. I left my job and started my own professional photography career. Follow my journey as an adventurer and photographer on this blog or on  FacebookInstagram or my business website.

My most exciting camping place so far – Reinebringen, Lofoten, Norway
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