PEAK 27: Croatia – Dinara (Sinjal)

Croatia has become a very popular seaside destination recently, not only among Czechs. However, only few tourists visit the local mountains, which is a great pity. Croatian mountains are beautiful. The highest point on Croatia Dinara was named after the Dinaric Mountains, a 700-kilometer-long mountain range system that spans over almost all the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Date of summit: 12th August 2018 18:40 
Traveling mode: Hiking 
Height of the peak: 1,831m 
Hiking distance: 7.93 km 
Time to ascend to Halti: 3 hours 40 minutes 
Elevation climbed: 1238m
Map of my hiking journey to Dinara: Movescount
Personal rating of the mountain: **** (6 stars maximum) 
Beer on the peak: Karlovačko ** (6 stars maximum) 

Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise was supposed to be the last one on my expedition EU Peaks. Due to the accident in Scotland, however, I lost a week so I eventually had to skip Dinara. In the end, I decided to climb it 12 days after the originally expected end date of the expedition.

I had climbing partners even this time. My brother Štěpán and his friend Maruška decided to join me. We had all visited Croatia many times, like most Czechs, but we never visited Croatian mountains. How will they be?

We arrived to the city of Knin which is known for the war between the Serbs and the Croats. Fortunately, the houses destroyed or damaged in the war have either disappeared or have been reconstructed and the town in the foothills of Dinara mountains became a nice touristic destination.

View over Dinara
You can see Dinara already from long distance

We took a healthy lunch (a plate full of seafood) and drove by car to the starting point of our hike which is nearby the small village Glavaš. We parked on a parking lot and immediately started our hike. We passed the ruins of an old fortress and continued on a well marked path. It was really hot and we soon drank all our water supplies. Fortunately, there was a small water supply at a height of 1000 meters above sea level so we could fill up our stomachs and bottles. We enjoyed a moment in the shade of the trees nearby the water supply.

Which way bro? Left or straight??

After the short break, we continued and soon reached a shelter for mountaineers in case of bad weather. However, it looked inside more like a dormitory for the homeless so I do not recommend sleeping here overnight. On the contrary, it might be a good idea to bring a tent. The surrounding meadows are beautiful.

Nearby the shelter there is a crossroad. My brother and I checked the map and decided to go straight. This path looked more attractive on the map, heading to a nice little church in the rock on the way. The problem was that the path ended after another 300 meters. We had two choices – to go 200 elevation meters down and head on to the left or continue up according to the map.

Left was the correct answer so we chose straight

Since the route was marked on the map with the same thick line as the one on the left, we decided to continue. This made the journey more interesting. It was a fun off-road hike but my brother didn’t share this opinion and called me a few “beautiful” Czech words. In the end we overcame all obstacles on the way including bushes and rocks and we reached the peak successfully.

Back on the correct path

Despite the delay, we got up early enough to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the Adriatic Sea. I quickly pulled out the Czech flag to make a nice picture of the last mountain of my EU Peaks challenge and started taking pictures so that I could enjoy the view with my brother and Maruška with the peak beer Karlovačko.

Summit drone selfie! The last EU Peak conquered!
We made it!

My tips for visiting the mountain Dinara:

  • Take plenty of water with you, especially in summer. It is very hot in the Croatian mountains and there is only one water supply on the way.
  • If you like biking you can also consider visiting mountain Sveti Jure (1762m) nearby the city Makarska. This mountain is reachable by bike from sea level and offers excellent views.

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