My Story

My name is Jarda Zaoral. I am 29 years old and I worked as a business consultant. I could have a convenient business career. The problem is that I fell for traveling and photography.

After I moved from the Czech Republic to Sweden for studies in 2012, the world became much smaller because I met there people all around the world. I became curious about my friends’ countries and started to travel. So far I have visited 60 countries.

View over Ala Kul lake – Kyrgyzstan

In 2012 I also bought my first DSLR camera and since then I have hardly found a day without shooting. You can check my portfolio at:

My new project is called European Peaks during which I explored all the EU countries and I am on the way to climb the highest mountain of the rest of European countries. I believe that such an expedition will help me to show all European citizens the beauty of our continent as well as show that the EU is a great project.

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My most exciting camping place so far – Reinebringen, Lofoten, Norway
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